10 Need to Know Tips for Social Media Marketing for Realtors

Top 10 Tips: Social Media Marketing for Realtors

Social Media Marketing for Realtors

Real Estate your cup of tea? Fancy yourself a pretty forward thinking marketer? Then you don't even need to read the rest of this post, because I'm sure you've already sold your fair share of homes off of social media. In that case you can hit the back button now (or if you don't need any tips on social media, you could always get in touch to get some paid advertising help). 

If you read down this far though, I think I've got some tips that could help you out. So let's talk about social media marketing for realtors.

Why Mess With Social Media Marketing For Real Estate?Manhattan Beach Real Estate

While realtors are among the best in the business when it comes to closing deals, keeping their ears to the street, and attending to the needs of their clients, there's a serious untapped market out there that not many have taken advantage of yet. Social Media. Think about the opportunities that lie waiting in the most connected, largest and most frequently accessed space for millions of Americans.

The ability to reach, interact with and leave an impression on huge numbers of people is invaluable. Social media is even more powerful for real estate because of it's ability to engage with viewers and reach the specific ones that will be interested in your offerings. So how do you leverage these platforms to create buzz surrounding your listings?

10 Tips for Real Estate Social Media Marketing

1. Set Up Unique Business Profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest

Set up professional accounts on all the social media channels. Don't use your personal page for these - it looks amateurish and doesn't give you access to all of the same features that you will find in the business focused versions. Facebook and Instagram also have some pretty cool integration features that will allow you to cross post with ease - an awesome feature when you have a home listing that you want to be visible across multiple channels. You will also have the ability to check user behavior and history (something we can take advantage of with our targeted advertising services). Effective social media marketing for realtors has to take the analytics side into account.

Each social media channel is a little different and you want to start perusing them as soon as possible to get a feel for the type of content that is shared and engaged with. You want each of the different channels to have unified information. The phone number, website, and contact information should be identical throughout and you want to make sure that everything is working. The last thing you want is for a potential client to shoot you an email and it land in someone else's inbox!

2. Always Use ImagesSocial Media Marketing for Realtors Icons

The highest engagement always comes with pictures on social media. Real estate is no exception to this rule. Whenever possible, throw up pictures of houses you have listed, beautiful homes you have sold and properties in the surrounding area. South Bay realtors have it easy here - Manhattan Beach is home to some of the most beautiful homes in Southern California. When in doubt, take some awesome neighborhood shots that highlight why someone would love to live here. The 80/20 rule applies though. This is a commonly observed rule in social media that states that 80% of your postings should be for your followers and 20% should be shameless self promotion. The 20% is going to include your personal listings (come on, you didn't think it would be as easy as just throwing up your listings and watching the clients roll in, did you?)

3. Personal Touches to Connect with Clients

It feels good to know that someone else is thinking about us. Clients love getting a personal shout out over social media. Just closed a deal? Get a picture of a happy new homeowner standing with their keys next to their home! Have an awesome lunch meeting or property showing? Tag the participants in your posting. Don't forget that social media is supposed to be social. Leveraging the platforms effectively means engaging with your local community in as many ways as possible and making them feel connected to you. A loyal following on social media is as valuable as any email list (and serves many of the same purposes!). Make sure to use those same skills you've so finely honed in person to connect with others over social media. Social media marketing for realtors is all about leveraging that amazing personality of yours.

4. Post Your Listings!

Since you know the 80/20 rule now, lets talk about posting your listings! Don't forget that while you want to give value and connect with your community over social media, you also want to sell! Post your listings on social media and take advantage of geotargeting and audience targeting to make sure that they get in front of the right people. Social media advertising gives you the unparalleled ability to target viewers based on income, location, interest, and every other demographic qualifier you could possibly think of. Taking advantage of this when you post your listings is crucial if you want to see those views and likes convert into sales.

5. Local News

Residents need to know that you're connected to your community. A great way to show this is by staying current and up to date with local news. Twitter is the best platform for this - tweeting 5 or 6 times a day is completely acceptable and lets your audience know that you're plugged in. Facebook is also a great place to share articles about local events and happenings and promotes engagement from your followers. Instagram isn't as well suited for this but if you are involved in an event or out and about, don't hesitate to snap a photo, throw it on the Instagram and tag your location and fellows. Social media is all about organically presenting yourself and your personality. You want to come across as a professional, but not as a robot!

6. Hashtags (don't go too crazy)

Hashtags are an art. Depending on which platform you are using, they can make or break a post. Instagram is the most forgiving when it comes to hashtags, so sprinkle them in your posts liberally. Facebook likes 1 or 2 hashtags per post, but not much more than that. Twitter also likes hashtags, but again, don't go too crazy. You want to save those characters for a well designed tweet! Remember #stayclassy but #make #an #impression.

7. Tag Local Businesses You Have a Relationship With

Nothing says social proof like having relationship with other longstanding community members. Local businesses present some great opportunities for cross promotion if you have pre-existing relationships. If you don't, go out and make them! One way to start this process is by becoming a regular, tagging them in your social media and then working with them to promote your listings or co-sponsor a contest. People love getting free stuff, so you can use this to your advantage. Build a relationship with a local business, buy some meals/classes/services and then give them away to your audience for sharing/retweeting/tagging one of your listings that you are trying to promote. Get creative! Social media marketing for realtors has got to include a local touch.

8. Use Questions to Promote Engagement

Simple, but effective. Post questions to your audience designed to get them to engage. Have a new home you are going to list? Put up a post with an image of the property and ask your audience what the first thing they would do if they owned the home would be. Or what their favorite part about the neighborhood is. You can do some really cool stuff with this simple concept - even asking residents of a specific area why they love living there! The South Bay is filled with proud homeowners so you won't have much trouble here. This doubles as free advertising too, because now pre-existing residents are publicly reviewing the property you're trying to sell!

9. Have PersonalityHermosa Beach Plaza

While you want to be seen and branded as a professional, that doesn't mean you can't have a little fun. People want to interact with a human being that has personality, not a robot. Take the time to craft your persona and add personal touches, humor and other little additions to your posting that let the real you shine through. That same quality that makes you so successful with people in face to face meetings? Channel it over social media. Realtors are great at this in real life (at least successful ones are!), leverage social media to reach more people than you possibly could in person.

10. Use Videos!

Facebook is battling with Google (read: Youtube) for supremacy right now and both platforms are placing a premium on video usage. What does this mean for you? Well, it means that not only do people love watching videos, but the tech giants that are in control of all of these platforms will reward you for using them. On Facebook, upload native videos of your listings. Post livefeeds and check in at property sites. A good realtor knows how to highlight their assets! Make a Youtube channel for your listings and include helpful videos of tips for choosing a home, information about neighborhoods and anything else that would be useful to your clientele. Again, get creative! Effective social media marketing for realtors will take prospective clients into your world.


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