Why is Social Media important for Redondo Beach real estate

Why Is Social Media Important for Redondo Beach Real Estate?

What’s the Big Deal With Social Media and Real Estate?

There are a lot of reasons to implement a social media strategy in your real estate efforts when it comes to effective digital marketing. There are few other channels where without any prior investment, you can expose your brand and your message (and your listings) to a large audience that you have a good degree of control over. This doesn’t mean that you should ignore other marketing and advertising channels – but it does mean that when you implement an effective social media strategy you can often find yourself generating more leads, getting noticed quicker, and making more sales. Redondo Beach and other South Bay cities have a population that is actively engaged on social media and as such, the platforms should not be ignored. SEO for realtors is another story entirely! (Not to be ignored either though).

How Much Work is a Social Media Marketing Strategy

A good social media marketing strategy doesn’t have to take hours every day. If you implement a little bit of planning, you can condense most of the work into a weekend. A good rule of thumb is to choose a day every week where you can put 2 to 3 hours aside and schedule out everything that you need to post. Most of the social media channels will allow you to do this. Facebook has post scheduling implemented right into it’s interface and you can always use Hootsuite or another social media management tool to get the job done. This is important to get right – knowing when to post and what to post is going to become a lot easier after you have started doing it and you have started to collect some analytics on the content that you are posting.

Facebook for Real Estate Marketing

Facebook is probably the most recognized of all the social media channels. It has the largest user base and is heavily used by adults. Facebook also offers a wide range of analytics tools that you can use to check in on how your efforts are performing. It is a good idea to post once per day on Facebook. Using videos and pictures is also highly recommended. While it is ok to occasionally post a link to an article that you found helpful, the most engagement is always going to be generated through the use of pictures and videos. The real power of Facebook lies in it’s advertising abilities though.

Using Facebook for advertising is much cheaper than Google AdWords, especially in competitive niches (like real estate). You can get away with a relatively low daily budget and still see results. The targeting options that it provides are very advanced, and if you are trying to gain traction with local listings, there are few better options. Another powerful tool with Facebook Advertising is retargeting. Getting retargeting set up on your website is a must as soon as you set up your Facebook account. While this process is not difficult, I am constantly surprised by how few business and individuals take advantage of this feature.

Instagram for Real Estate Marketing

Instagram serves a slightly different purpose than Facebook. This is where you really want to showcase your creative side and only post listings periodically. The goal is to get as wide of a user base as possible with Instagram and then post engaging content on a regular basis for the community to interact with. Look at Instagram as a highly effective branding tool. Once you have gained a large number of followers, your listings that you post will actually reach people that may be interested and likely to purchase from you or do business with you.

Remember the 80/20 rule with all social media. 80 percent of your postings should be for your audience. Engaging, creative posts. How to tutorials. Informational case studies. Things that your audience will actually benefit from seeing and be motivated to share with their community. The other 20 percent of your posting should be about them giving back to you. Think picking up leads, participating in an event, purchasing a product or otherwise “buying what you’re selling”.

There’s a lot more to say about social media marketing. Getting a handle on how you want to interact with the Redondo Beach and South Bay community takes some trial and error if you’re just starting out. Stay tuned for more information, guides and tips!

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