Real Estate Investing With Social Media

Real Estate investing the traditional way is dead. With the power of the internet, and social media sites, it has made several investors including myself more money. More money in a quicker efficient way. For instance back in the day, I used to have to go drive out to go take a look at every single property. Now with Google Maps; street view, I can see the whole neighborhood without leaving my front door. Which is a huge time saver for me.

Have you ever sold a property on Twitter? Or had a buyer come to you from Facebook? Chances are that neither has happened. Why? Because investors are not properly using social media.

Here are the facts: 80% of home buyers go online for their properties and search key words in a search engine. People are going to Google or Yahoo to begin searching, not your Twitter per say.

As a real estate investor, social media should be used to make connections, build relationships, and build a bridge to communicate constantly with potential partners, associates, and more. Trying to use Facebook to sell a property might work, but if you don't have marketing plan to drive traffic using social media, you're missing the point.

Something to think about: If you are building your personal brand, shouldn't there be a marketing plan in place? How effectively are you communicating your message and product on the web?

Start to focus on building traffic to your site, capture potential buyers and sellers, and grow your business. Don't spam people and tell the world about your new 2 flat, because not everyone on your buddy list wants a two flat, or cares for that matter.


Below are some quick tips on Social Media for Real Estate Professionals:

  • Never mention anything personal that is negative
  • Talk about your family
  • Share what your business is doing
  • Add anything else that makes you interesting
  • Think about having a personal and professional Facebook, Twitter, etc...
  • Always send personal messages to those you add/accept
  • Start a blog NOW and write about yourself and what you do
  • Comment on other blogs and profiles
  • Add links to your site on every social site your on

Social media is all about bringing people to your website and creating a positive brand around yourself so people like you and feel as if they know you. If you follow these easy tips, and expand on your own, people will like you and will want to get to know you more.


Social Media for Real Estate Agents: 3 Sites You Should Be On!

Social media is becoming a driving force for real estate agents and their Internet marketing efforts. Agents who have neglected to get on board with the social marketing bandwagon must soon adapt their mind-set or risk being left in the dust by other agents in their local area who are highly visible online.

Establishing a strong social media presence allows agents to effectively market themselves and their listings throughout a variety of (free) social channels, all while building an identifiable brand image that is well recognized in their local online communities.

With this in mind, there are three social media marketing sites that real estate agents should consider joining in order to further their social network and brand awareness. Below we go into detail on each of these three social sites and offer some insights on how to utilize each of these platforms to further your social media reach.

Facebook for Real Estate Agents

Facebook is the largest social media website in the world, making it hard for real estate agents and Realtors alike not to focus some time and energy into marketing their brand on this platform. Creating yourself a business-only Facebook page should be on your social media marketing to-do list. Here are some tips on how to leverage Facebook for your real estate agent social media strategy:

  • Post highly relevant, valuable stuff. People don't read things that don't interest them. They don't care about who you're having lunch with or where you're having your next pedicure. They want impactful information about the real estate market, updates on your listings, when/where you're showing houses and links to great content that is going to interest them.
  • Engage users to leave comments and reply to them in kind if they do. That's why it's called social media. It connects you with others online.
  • Encourage your friends to like and share your business page. It will help you gain more followers and increase your brand visibility across each of their newsfeeds.
  • Consider advertising on Facebook. These ads can help your real estate brand gain more visibility in your local market, and you have excellent control over targeting users for age, location, gender and interest demographics.

Google+ for Realtors

Google+ is the fastest growing social network on the planet. Google+ is incredibly powerful because it directly affects local search results - which all real estate agents want to perform well in. Because Google+ has such a tremendous impact on the local search results, it's a social networking site that realtors should NOT ignore.

Much like Facebook, you'll want to create not only a personal Google+ profile, but a business-specific page that you can optimize for better performance in local search. There are several items you must take into consideration when optimizing your Google+ page:

  • Completely fill out all of the information on your Google+ profile including your hours of operation, services, website URL, blog URL and about us information.
  • Verify your page as a local business with a real location with Google's PIN verification method.
  • Post relevant and professional photos and videos of homes that you're listing.
  • Utilize Google+'s rel=author and rel=publisher code snippets to further enhance your visibility in the search results.

LinkedIn for Real Estate Agents

LinkedIn is an incredibly powerful social media platform for real estate agents because of its focus on professional networking. LinkedIn offers a unique platform to network with other real estate agents through real estate focused groups who can refer listings in areas they do not cover. It also offers agents the ability to connect with clients on a professional level, which will show up in their LinkedIn news feed, and you never know who's looking for an agent at just the right time!

Below are some perks to marketing yourself on LinkedIn:

  • Connect with other agents and colleagues in your local area
  • Gain more brand exposure for your agency
  • Build credibility as a trusted source in your industry by posting valuable content and interacting with other users.